Friday, October 31, 2008

Another year, another trip

This year Harry and I are again driving to Mexico, but this time in our old minivan and with just one of our dogs. We've decided to leave Geordie at home--he's the fearful boy who spent most of the trip last year hiding in the bathroom. Maggie, the more resilient traveler is coming with us as she enjoys new things and is easier to manage. Geordie will stay with my friend Linette, who also has two Border Collies and is one of Geordie's favorite people.

We have rented an apartment in Mazatlan for five weeks beginning on December 7th and we have invited some friends and family to join us for some of the time. Our estimated departure date is November 20th and over the next three weeks we'll be getting ourselves organized to leave. It's a lot easier this year for a few reasons. One is that we're going in a vehicle that is 17 years younger. Another is that we're taking only one dog. Also, we've done this trip before and know more of what to expect. However it will still be an adventure and we will be posting to this blog to keep friends and relatives in the loop.

I'm attaching a photograph of Maggie and Harry on the beach in Mazatlan. This was taken last February at sundown time. That's our friend Mark's hand on his pina colada in the foreground, Harry smiling in the middle and Maggie relaxing on a lounge chair taking in the view. This image will be our talisman as we traverse the mountains and highways between Victoria and our destination. I know that we'll have more and different adventures on our route and we'll keep you posted as we go.

Maggie thinks it will be fun to have us to herself without having to share with that pushy Geordie. She doesn't think she'll miss him at all--but we shall see about that.


Anita said...

We'll be looking forward to reading of Maggie's latest escapades. It's good to hear Mohita won't be causing you grief this trip. Happy travels

Heather said...

I love reading about your travels, and hope it goes more smoothly this time. I'll forward it to Mum again.Enjoy!