Saturday, November 8, 2008

The not-so-reluctant traveler

Way back in August when Harry started planning our trip to Mexico I wasn't sure that I even wanted to go. I remember lying in bed and looking out at the sun on the trees and saying something about the long drive and the complications of getting away and wondering if it might not be too much to be driving so far again this year. ....

Well, now that it's November I have to say that I'm not so reluctant about this trip. Just looking out at the sodden back yard I realize that the idea of heading south in the winter is a good one. I know that lots of people who are in steady jobs with family responsibilities and all that don't have the choice. But since we do, we're willing to scrape together the funds to get away and find a second summer.

We've run into a few glitches with the car--this time we're checking it out before we go and we're glad we did. We had to replace the head gasket and now it looks like we'll need to rebuild the transmission. But at least these repairs are being done while we're still at home, although it may delay our leaving by a few days.

Again I'm finding that there are so many strings to untie here at home before we go. All the arrangements and details of our life that have to be pre-arranged. It takes a huge effort to actually get away for a couple of months. But now that the rains have arrived I'm convinced that it will be worth it.

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