Tuesday, November 25, 2008

American Thanksgiving

It appears that American Thanksgiving is a much bigger deal than our October celebration in Canada. Harry and I were planning to visit a few people on our way through California this week but it turns out that they are all on the road over the several-day-long Thanksgiving holiday. We're seeing a lot of families at rest stops today and we guess that they're on the way home for the holiday on Thursday. It seems that everyone who can manage it makes a trip to have a big Thanksgiving dinner with family that day. My cousin Dean and his partner are driving from Long Beach California to Portland; our friends Helen and Sam are driving to Anacortes to have dinner with their son-in-law's parents. And Corinne, our friend in Beaumont is driving to Nevada to choose a new puppy. So it looks like we'll be making our own plans for Thanksgiving.

Today we drove through Northern California with a little stop for coffee at Yreka. It's an old mining town with a lovely historic main street (see photos). Tonight we're in Vacaville, at the southern end of the Napa Valley. We've decide to spend our American Thanksgiving here exploring the wine country, and then we'll here head over to Beaumont on Saturday to connect with Corinne. We'll check in with our other friends and relatives on our way back.


Stephanie V said...

I'm glad Yreka hasn't changed much since we first saw it back in the day. Your drive down has brought back stuff I hadn't thought about in forever. Nostalgia should go away once you're past San Luis Obispo :)

Harry and Joanna said...

Ah yes, San Luis Obispo, the parking lot outside the surf shop where we slept in the VW bug. Those were the days.