Thursday, November 27, 2008

Foggy Napa Valley

We've just spent a lovely day touring the Napa Valley. It's such an amazingly beautiful spot, even in the rain and the fog. We arrived yesterday in the pouring rain and walked around downtown Napa, then headed up the valley to Yountville, where we had lunch in a bistro. I had the best tomato soup I've ever tasted and the nastiest exchange with a tourist information representative. We were looking for dog-friendly accommodation and went into the information centre to ask if they had a telephone where we could phone a few places. The expensively dressed, sour-faced woman told me that there were no pay phones in Yountville. Her withering look suggested that nobody without a cell phone should be there.

So on we went to St. Helena, where we found a very nice dog friendly motel called El Bonita, with a very pleasant room, swimming pool, hot tub and sauna, plus a lovely garden. St. Helena is a lovely town. It looks as though every single thing in it were designed by Martha Stewart. Even the high school and the hardware store are beautiful. The vegetation is lush with roses and flowers and grape vines everywhere you look. It didn't matter that the day was misty and foggy--everything looked fantastic even so. Maggie had a great time as there were lots of open green areas where we could play with the ball.

Not many wineries were open today as it was Thanksgiving, but we found a few where we could taste and buy a couple of special bottles. One place we went to is called Castello de Amoroso. It's a replica of an ancient Italian castle and is quite amazing. Tomorrow we head south towards LA and then will turn east towards Beaumont.

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