Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Life intervenes

It’s 4:15 in the morning, and I’ve been lying awake since 2:00 thinking about what needs to be done before we can leave. Actually some quite large things like deciding what to take along, getting Mexican car insurance and things like that.

Today is November 19th and our plan was to leave on the 20th of November. Why the 20th? Well, we had to wait till after the Citizen Canine AGM the night of the 19th (which I am involved in organizing). In my mind I had an idea that we would have the car all packed and be ready to leave early the following morning. But of course life has intervened in these plans. It has taken longer than I thought to get the paperwork together for the AGM, plus we’re running into things like the wireless modem malfunctioning and now a small lake in the front yard. It seems the new water line that was put in last May has sprung a leak.

Consequently, what with arranging for a plumber and technical support—plus hair appointments that had to be rescheduled and tenants’ locks that needed replacing—neither Harry nor I have even begun to pack. At least the vehicles are ready. The van (named Wanda) has new tires, shocks, transmission, and head gasket, and Mohita (the aging motor home from last year’s trip) is tarped up and in the back yard, so all is in order there. We’ve even broken the news to Mohita that she won’t be coming along this year. (She took it well!) So all that’s left now is getting ourselves ready.

For the past two weeks every time we saw something that we thought we’d like to take along on our trip, we’ve just put it in the spare room. Now the spare room is starting to look like a rummage sale with piles of stuff lying around on tables and chairs. I figure it will take a couple of days to pull it all together and pack up so our plan now is to drop Geordie off at his temporary home on Friday or Saturday morning and then head to Vancouver to start our trip. We’ll see whether life has more interventions planned before then.

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