Monday, January 26, 2009

It's cold outside!

We're now in Salem, Oregon and it's COLD outside. Below zero C. and they're predicting snow tomorrow. I had to go and buy a couple of pairs of socks because the ones I brought with me are packed away somewhere underneath everything in the back of the van. I distinctly remember looking at the socks when I was organizing my stuff in Mazatlan for the trip back--and thinking I would probably never want to put such heavy things on my feet. Well I have to say that tonight I'm glad to have some!

We had a quick visit with our friends in Berkeley but things didn't go exactly as planned. Helen had recently fallen and broken her shoulder so was just out of surgery and was on pain meds so wasn't at her best. Also, just before we arrived there Maggie stopped eating and started vomiting. So we spent Sunday morning at the emergency vet's clinic in Berkeley. We saw a very nice vet who examined Mags, then gave her an anti-nausea drug, hydrated her and put her on a regime of white rice and chicken. That was yesterday and she seems to be back to normal tonight. This morning she ate a bit, slept all day and tonight seems quite hungry. We are so relieved.

Today we drove for 8 hours, quite a bit longer than usual, and came over the Siskyou pass in sunshine. Our little minivan Wanda is a stalwart girl and hasn't had even a sputter to date. When we left Berkeley it was about 65 degrees F--But as I said, it's cold in Oregon, below freezing. We're pulling out all the vests and scarves that we started out wearing back in early December. Our plan is to make it to Vancouver tomorrow night and then take the ferry to Victoria on Wednesday. If we get delayed by snow or other things, we will probably still make it home in time to get to the flyball practice on Thursday night.

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