Saturday, January 10, 2009

Morning in the Golden Zone

The area of Mazatlan that we're staying in is called "the golden zone" so that's what I'm referring to in the title for this little photo essay. We're starting to get nostalgic already for the lifestyle here as we think about getting ready to leave on Wednesday.

A water bottle awaits replacement.

A cat watches on a wall.

A young couple wait for the bus.

Workers head off to the job.

A surf fisherman makes his cast. Not sure what they're fishing for but they're out every morning.

A breakfast cook takes a little break before the rush.

A tourist heads downtown, either by bus or on foot. (Probably by bus as it costs only 70 cents).

The shrimp fisherman makes a sale from Harry (with Maggie looking on). Dinner will be good tonight.
The time share salesmen begin their day.

The beach chairs await their loungers.

Visitors play in the early morning waves.

The seashell salesman prepares for another day on the beach.

The newspaper sellers are hard at work.

Tourists order their breakfast.

Visitors take an early morning walk along the beach.

A couple enjoys their morning coffee.

Yolanda sweeps the courtyard.

The water truck arrives, and the driver chats with Orillio (gatekeeper for the Tennis Club and a wonderful friend who's studying English in his spare time).

The sun shines on our little altar. The day has begun.


Stephanie V said...

That was 'golden' and made me nostalgic, too.

Joanna and Harry said...

Yeah, it's just so beautiful here. We hate to leave.