Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our sailing trip on Mi Casa

As a final treat before leaving Mazatlan we thought we’d go out on a sailboat for an afternoon. Actually it was my idea since Harry’s not really much of a sailor. But we’ had so much fun coming back from Deer Island on the Hobie cat that it seemed like a good plan. We arranged for the trip with Eduardo and Kym, a very pleasant couple, who offer tourists the opportunity to sail with them for an afternoon or a few days on their 40 foot ketch, Mi Casa. We decided on the sunset cruise, which leaves the harbor at 1:00 and returns around 6:00 pm just after the sun sets.

The weather was perfect, blue skies and some wind and we went to meet Kym at Rico’s café ready for a fun afternoon. Eduardo and Kym were so welcoming that we felt immediately at home on Mi Casa. She’s a classic design and very comfortable, with a broad after deck complete with cushions so we could lean against the rail and relax while our hosts sailed the boat and brought us snacks and drinks. We motored out of the harbor and into the waves and then Eduardo put up the sails and we were underway. I had a great time being out on the water with the pelicans, frigate birds and the blue-footed boobies. We sailed out to a rock off the coast where sea lions and seals hang out and it was very cool to be so close to them even in the rough seas.

It wasn’t until we turned around to return that I realized just how ill Harry was feeling. He hid it well enough for a while until he was forced to throw up in a bucket. At that point we decided to head for calmer waters and ducked in behind Deer Island and anchored for a while to wait for the sunset and then head back to the dock. I enjoyed every minute of the trip and Harry was a good sport about it even though he told me later that he spent most of the four-hour sail counting the minutes until he was back on dry land. I guess the weather was just a bit too rough for his landlubber’s tummy. We both kind of forgot his tendency to motion sickness. Even so, it was an amazing experience and Eduardo and Kym were so warm and welcoming that we felt as if we were sailing with old friends.

If anyone is coming to Mazatlan I highly recommend the trip. It’s a wonderful way to see the city from a new perspective. But if you’re subject to sea sickness, do choose your weather or take some Dramamine before you leave.

This photo shows a blue-footed boobie just above the sail and there’s Eduardo turning the boat around with Harry looking a little green around the gills in the background.

PS: I'm posting this the following morning and Harry tells me he won't come to the beach with Maggie and me as he doesn't even want to look at the ocean. I guess the trip wasn't that much of a treat for him. Sure hope this is only a temporary state for Harry!

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Morbid said...

OH NO! Poor Harry!
I hope he is feeling a wee bit better by now.
At least you got a quick pic of you both in smiling, and I'm glad you had an enjoyable time.
I would defintiely do this trip on your recomendation the next time we visit Mazatlan - except Andrew is the same as Harry, VERY iffy on the water. Though he does come out occasionaly for my benefit.