Thursday, January 15, 2009

Leaving Mazatlan

January 13th was our last full day in Mazatlan and we spent the day packing the car and cleaning our little casita. Yesterday we left at noon and drove north to Los Mochis. It was very hard to leave our pretty little place with its canopy of bougainvillea and access to the beach but most of all the sunny weather. We're wondering what we were thinking of when we planned to return to Canada in Janaury. Last winter we didn't even leave Victoria until the last week in January.

Although I have to say that even in Mazatlan there is a winter. For the past few days we've been sleeping with a blanket on the bed and the water temperature is enough cooler that swimming just doesn't appeal the way it did in December. The temperature is in the 60s now, rising to the 70s--rather than the 70s rising to the 80s as it was when we first arrived. Many of the Mexicans go around in big puffy vests and woolen scarves. The newly arrived tourists are still wearing their beach clothes and are easy to spot. We're somewhere in between with our light pants and long sleeves.

W had a lovely time in Mazatlan and it was nice to spend enough time in one place to get really comfortable. We learned how to navigate the neighbourhood, made some friends, discovered some new areas and still have left things to explore next time we're down.

So we're back on the road again and that feels kind of nice too. We're planning to get to Guymas tonight and hook up with Allison and Ches there. We met them laslt year in Alamos. These stwo have been living on the road in a small van for almost two years. It will be nice to see them again. After that we'll head west through Yuma to look up a friend, and then to San Diego for a few days before turning north via Long Beach to visit a cousin. And then it's up the I-5 to Canada. Although it's with regret that we are leaving the warmer weather it will be wonderful to see our Victoria friends and especially our other dog Geordie, who has been staying with his border collie pack.
He seems to be having a lovely time there (that's him on the left with his sister Sophie in the middle and Maggie's sister Maddie on the right) but we are missing him.


cusoykan said...

I just happened across your blog while searching for information on vacation rentals in Mazatlan. As it so happens, my girlfriend and I have a border collie (and a chihuahua mix) that we would like to take down to Mazatlan this summer. We happen to live in San Diego (near Downtown and Balboa Park), which I saw was on the list of places that you plan to visit. If you are interested, we'd love to meet up for lunch or tea or at a dog park and chat a bit - we'd be happy to tell you about San Diego in exchange for you time.

Candan Soykan

Joanna and Harry said...

Hey Candan,
Sure we could meet up with you and talk about dogs in Mazatlan. I'll email you privately and we can figure out a way to connect.

Morbid said...

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing??!!

I LOVE San Diego - my sister and her family lived there for a few years whilst on an exchange, and I adored my time there. I believe they also have a dog friendly Ball Park -Petco Park, Home of the San Diego Padres. How can you NOT love a town that lets you combine both ones passions of baseball and dogs!

Joanna and Harry said...

Yeah, so amazing that we can connect with people with common interests while on the road. It'll be interesting to find out about dog parks there.