Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art in Patagonia and Tucson

This morning we headed out from Nogales on a secondary road that winds through rolling grassy hills into the town of Patagonia. Ches and Allison told us to take a look at this place and it's a really cool little town. It's in an area rich in bird life along a river and it's quite an art centre.

We had breakfast at a nice little Mexican place and met some people who live nearby. After a great conversation about Obama and their hopes for the future, we explored the town and then drove up to Tucson for a visit to their fabulous art museum. We saw an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Maynard Dixon, who worked around the turn of the century to record the southwest places and peoples. Also there was a strong collection of the work of various Mexican photographers. We bought the catalogue for this amazing exhibition. Here's a photo from the courtyard of the art museum.

Then we walked around the old part of Tucson for a bit and found a place to stay tonight at a nice pet-friendly motel with all the amenities. Harry's getting his political fix by watching the American news about Obama and his inauguration.

Tomorrow we're going to visit the Desert Museum and then head west to Yuma. We're staying close to the southern border for as long as possible before heading back north.

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Jan & Sue in Europe said...

Hey, you two -- Catching up with you on your travels. We love to catch up and learn about what you're seeing and doing; envying you! The last few days, however, have been exceptional -- brilliant blue skies and sunshine. There's not a parking spot to be found along Dallas. I understand your need to stay south as long as possible, but if this keeps up you won't have a difficult transition. So hurry home. Love J/s