Friday, January 23, 2009

Heading North

Yesterday we spent the night in Long Beach and had a delicious meal at a wonderful restaurant there with my cousin Dean and his partner Tari. Dean is a sculptor and we were able to see his huge whimsical metal sculptures on Broadway, although some are hiding behind trees.

This morning we checked out the Queen Mary, the big ocean liner that's now a hotel and tourist attraction. It was pretty neat to walk those historic decks and see the gorgeous art deco interior.

Today we stopped to visit some friends in Santa Monica and then headed north on 101 in the rain. (!) Tomorrow we'll spend the afternoon and evening with our friends Helen and Sam in Berkeley and will then continue north to the clouds and probably more rain. (sob!) Although I guess you're not really feeling too sorry for us after our six weeks in Mexico.


Morbid said...

Good to see you're camera pulled through!

Joanna and Harry said...

Yeah, we were lucky. After drying it out and putting new batteries in, it worked fine. :)