Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trading info at Balboa dog park

We had an interesting meeting today with Candan, a young San Diego man who connected with us through this blog. Candan and his family are planning to visit Mazatlan with their border collie and in researching accommodation there he happened upon our blog. When he found that we were planning to come through San Diego he contacted us to suggest that we get together for information sharing. So this morning Harry and Maggie and I met Candan and his two dogs at the Balboa Dog Park. The dogs got along and so did we. We spent an hour yakking and sharing info while the dogs played. I just find it so utterly cool that the Internet can connect like-minded people in this way.

On Candan's recommendation we had a delicious outdoor lunch this afternoon at Prado, a wonderful restaurant in Balboa Park. This park is amazing--it's huge, and filled with beautiful gardens, museums, restaurants and more.

We spent a couple of hours walking around there with Maggie and taking photographs. (I seem to have become obsessed by taking photos of plants.)

Later on in the afternoon we drove over to Coronado Island, place of the famed Del Coronado Hotel.

Tonight we’ll head into Old Town for dinner and then tomorrow it’s up the coast to Long Beach.
San Diego is a real discovery for us. It’s a beautiful city and we will for sure come back some time.


Morbid said...

*Utterly cool* is correct.
Just yesterday my Godmother's daughter whom I haven't seen in over 20 years reconnected with me via Facebook - we have some catching up to do.
My sister and her family lived in San Diego for a few years and I was fortunate to vist them whilst there - I adore the city. Hotel Del Coronado was a treat to visit as it was also the location for one ofmy favourite movies - Some Like it Hot.
PS I am hooked on Corrine's Animal Photo Contest now : )

Joanna and Harry said...

OMG--yes, I just looked on the Animal Contest blog. The photos are adorable!

Joanna and Harry said...

Hey Morbid, check out this blog:
It has some fabulous dog photos.

Morbid said...

OMG - I love the pictures on that blog - how adorable are those dogs??
Except I'm feeling a bit of a voyeur because I don't the girl at all!

Joanna and Harry said...

Not to worry, you get to know her through the blog. I think she runs a doggie day care in Calgary. What an amazing photographer she is!