Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yuma and Obama

Yesterday we didn't get to visit the desert museum because they don't allow dogs on the property--even in cars. But we did get to see a lot of desert at the Saguaro National Park and on the drive across the Sonora Desert to Yuma. Here are a few images from that drive.

Our plan was to look up a friend from Victoria who is here in Yuma in his RV. We didn't know which RV park he was in but we thought we'd be able to find him by looking through the different RV spots. I said to Harry, "There can't be that many different places to look for him."

Well, we abandoned that plan before we even arrived. Yuma is a lot bigger than when I was through here in 1974. Just on the road in from the east we passed at least a dozen RV parks--huge ones with hundreds of rigs lined up cheek to jowl. The yellow pages list 84 RV parks here.

This morning we sat in our Yuma hotel room watching Obama sworn in as president, along with millions of people around the world--quite an amazing day. He is such a great speaker and a truly a humble man. Everyone has such high hopes for him and I hope that he can inspire in everyone the will to make choices to make a difference to a planet in crisis. His message of hope over fear is so needed at this time. What a speech he gave; he pulled no punches. I look forward to talking to Americans about their hopes from this watershed event.

Now we're heading off to take Maggie for a swim in the river.


Morbid said...

Your pictures are amazing! What type of camera are you using? Must be an SLR type digital? Very impressive. I've just bewgun a series of art classes so my brain is very line, shape, texture focussed at the moment.

Joanna and Harry said...

Thanks Morbid for the compliment on the photos. The camera's nothing special; just a little Canon point-and-shoot but it does a not-bad job. Isn't it neat the way your brain focuses on arty images when you're studying art? I just love walking out of an art gallery and seeing paintings or photos everywhere I look.

Jan & Sue in Europe said...

Whoever Morbid is, s/he has an excellent eye. Joanna, your photos are constantly amazing. Line, form, structure, viewpoint -- I don't know all the descriptives, but they are excellent. I knew you were an artist when I first met you....
We watched the inauguration this morning, too. We both felt a surge of hope -- the specific suggestions of what individuals can do, the re-connection with the fabric of the US, the denouncement of the Bush legacy in gentle but firm tones. The most amazing thing to me was just after the inauguration, Obama sat at a desk signing off bills which he obviously pre-assembled -- notably, the closure of Guantanamo ! How can you beat that?
Let us carry on his vision. J/S

Joanna and Harry said...

Yes, Obama is so inspiring. I'm blown away by the fact that he's actually taking on the lobbyists in Washington.