Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our love affair with Alamos continues

After a pleasant morning in San Carlos taking Maggie for a walk and a swim at the beach, we headed off to Alamos. This is possibly our most favorite place from our trip last year. We stayed here for ten days and fell in love with it. Alamos is a 450 year old colonial gem of a town in the Sierra Madre, about 50 miles inland from Navajoa. In this magical place you feel as though you are stepping back in time. The central part of the town is all colonial buildings, some restored and others with just the facades remaining. Many of the beautiful old buildings have been restored by foreigners but it still has the feel of a small Mexican town, with a lot of town life going on all around.

We arrived in the central plaza, parked in front of the cathedral, and stepped out of the car to find a fellow we met last year when he gave us a tour of the old town. He told us that Alamos suffered damage a couple of months ago from a hurricane and flood. They are still repairing the road and some areas where houses were swept away. He also directed us to a small hotel nearby called Solipaso, which is run by an American couple. It turns out that this is adjacent to a cafe we visited several times last year for its lattes, book exchange, and free wifi. We were shown a beautiful room with 14 foot ceilings, saltillo tile floors, and deep windowsills. It's furnished with lovely comfortable antiques and Maggie is welcome.

What a lovely place to stay for a few days. We're looking forward to exploring more of this beautiful place. Apparently there is a big fiesta with dancing and children's rides tomorrow night in the central plaza. I'll keep you posted on goings on.

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Donna Dublin said...

Hi Joanna - Wow at your technical wizard blog abilities! How wonderful to share in your southern travels with Harry and Maggie. Sending hugs! Donna