Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nogales to San Carlos

We spent last night in Nogales getting ready to cross the border. This involved buying a few last minute things that may not be available in Mexico--like camping chairs, cottage cheese, window shades for the car, and other odds and ends. This morning we left early and got to the border around 8:00 a.m. It took about and hour and half to get all the paperwork in place for our tourist cards and the car permit. Then over we went and into Mexico. It's surprising how suddenly things feel very different. Mexico is so much more relaxed than the USA. Even the saguaro cactuses look healthier.

Forty kilometers north of Guymas we passed the spot where Mohita broke down last year and had to be towed. This time we just sailed right past in Wanda. What a relief! The van is just so much easier to drive and things are a lot easier with a smaller, more nimble (not to mention trustworthy) vehicle.

Tonight we're staying in the Totonaka RV park in San Carlos where we camped last year. They rent cute little apartments at the back and we're here for one night. Maggie even seems to recognize the place. She's happy to have a space to play frizbee after a couple of days on the road.

It seems strange to be here without Mohita and Geordie, and without our camping friends Lorne and Anne. But we made the best of it with a lovely early dinner at Ruby's wine bar in San Carlos where we wandered around the sailboats and watched the sun go down. It's good to be back in Sonora. As you can see the photos, the skies are intensely blue and we think (hope) that it will be like this for the duration.

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