Sunday, December 7, 2008

Two more things

Just two more things about Alamos and then I'll stop. First, the hills west of town are dotted with purple blooming trees that we're told are called Amapas. So beautiful. And second, late late Friday night after the fiesta, a group of inebriated fellows wandered along the street outside our window. In most places a group like this would be shouting and swearing; but in Alamos they were singing Mexican traditional songs (very raggedly and loudly) and accompanying themselves on a guitar. What a place!

Tonight we're staying at a roadside motel south of Culiacan and tomorrow we'll drive the autopista straight into Mazatlan.


Stephanie V said...

I thought I left a comment before but I must have clicked the wrong thing. Reading about your idyllic stay has been such a lovely start to my day(s). Thanks. And those trees are an amazing color.

Joanna and Harry said...

Thanks Steph, I'm glad you're enjoying our trip vicariously.