Tuesday, December 23, 2008

La Noche Buena

Today everyone is getting into the spirit of la Navidad. Tonight is a big feast night and Yolanda and others around Los Apartamentos Fiesta are cooking and cleaning and getting ready. There is a church service tonight at 8:00 but I doubt that I'll be able to convince Jamie and Harry to go so we'll probably just hang out at the beach watching the sun go down. We had a deluxe breakfast at the Balboa Club restaurant overlooking the water this morning. The weather is beautiful--not a cloud in the sky and the ocean is very calm. Lots of activity on the beach these days--paragliders, banana boats, sailboats, jet boats, hobie cats and more are plying the waves, and lots of families (both Mexican and Gringo) are walking along the sand.

Isn't the internet wonderful? Last year we met a couple when we were in Alamos and this year they've reconnected through this blog. Speaking of which--is anyone else reading this? It would be great to have a few comments from people who are reading it. It's a pretty easy way to keep in touch. Meanwhile Harry, Jamie, Maggie and I send love and our best wishes to all for a wonderful Christmas celebration wherever you are.


Allison & Ches said...

Hi Harry & Joanna, Just found your new blogg and was very excited to start reading. I like your new approach to traveling in Mexico- staying in one place. When you were in Buckeye, Az. we were just down the road (west) in Tonopah at El Dorado Hot Springs as work-campers. We were there for 2 1/2 weeks and had a great time. What a lost opportunity to catch up with you guys. It would be a great place for you to stay on future trips, check their website. We are now in Albuquerque, NM. housesitting till Jan. 9 and then we are thinking of heading to Mexico to at least San Carlos and possibly as far as Mazatlan. It would be fun to catch up with you somewhere along the line. We hope to have our lastest blog out within the week so you can catch up with us. Joanna keep up the great writing. Would like to know more on the nuts and bolts of searching for rentals if you care to cover that. Is Tony still in Alamos? Have a great time & Happy Holidays, Ches & Allison

Joanna and Harry said...

Hey Allison and Ches,
Great to hear from you. So sorry we missed connections in Arizona but let's keep in touch. We will be heading north again sometime after the 14th of January and so connecting in San Carlos or even Alamos would be a definite possibility. There was no sign of Tony at Rancho Acosts when we were through in early December. Merry Christmas and we'll hopefully be able to see you in January.

Jan & Sue in Europe said...

Hi, you three -- Great to hear your voice on Christmas day. Again, Harry, next time you call, "can" the comments about shovelling snow, wouldya? I hope the mosquitoes eat you alive! The snow here is UGLY, melting, dirty, and it's treacherous even taking a dog walk because many old geezers (myself excluded) haven't bothered to clear the sidewalks. Thanks again for a wonderful week. I love getting your photo's now, and can recognize lots of them, which is fun. I don't, however, recognize that big boofus sitting with Maggie -- the guy with the smug, self satisfied grin all over his face... Love, Jan PS How about some pics of Jamie?

MarkH said...

Hey guys! It's been great following your adventure this year...the pics are particularly good. (must be that fantastic camera you're using!)

As you know, we've been having some adventures of our own back up here in the Great White North. Lin was stuck in the Edmonton airport for a couple of days and almost didn't make it back in time for Christmas, but all ended well.

We had a great Christmas dinner at Sooke Harbour House and lots of fun in the snow with the dogs. Here's our Flickr site with pics for you: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rabytla/sets/72157602373159851/ Check back occasionally, 'cause we'll be adding more as the days go by.

We are off tomorrow to visit my brother in Nanaimo and my Dad in North Vancouver for a couple of days.

We'll try to comment more frequently now that we've got an account.

Enjoy the Mexican sun and the margaritas, you lucky dogs!

M & L & M & S & G

Joanna and Harry said...

Hey Mark and Linette, What fabulous photos of Geordie and the girls. They are all so happy looking. Geordie looks like he's having a great time. Hope you have fun now that you can get off the island.