Friday, December 26, 2008

La Navidad and La Noria

Christmas morning we did the usual thing and went to the beach with Maggie. It was crowded with Gringos looking relaxed and happy. Then it was home to a simple fruit and yogurt breakfast. The afternoon was spent at Deer Island. We sailed over in a hobie cat along with the scissors to rescue the little dog with burrs. The young man who was ferrying us across was happy to give over the tiller to Jamie once he learned of Jamie’s sailing skill. There were many more people at the beach than the last time I went over with my sister a week ago. The little dog was still there though and we were all happy to see that it had been groomed and the burrs removed. So the rescue mission was unnecessary after all. We had just time for a stroll along the beach and a little swim.

On our return Jamie and I attacked the piñata with gusto. This piñata was very strong--it took two people to crack it open. And when we did we found that it didn’t contain any candy! My mistake. I had asked the fellow when I bought it if there was candy inside but there was a miscommunication. It turned out that I needed to purchase the treats and put them in. So no candy treats after all, but we had fun whacking the thing anyway.

Our dinner in the old town was very delicious. It was cooked by a fellow named Dave from Scarborough Ontario who now lives here with his Mexican wife and two kids. They normally run a little Pizzeria but decided to put on a traditional turkey dinner for the expats, complete with vegetables, stuffing and gravy. He’s a baker and did a fantastic job with special pies for dessert—a choice of apple or pineapple, both served with Kahlua ice cream. After dinner we wandered around the plaza along with many Mexican families. It was vey festive.

Early to bed last night so we could get up in time to drive out and visit La Noria, a little town north of here, on boxing day. We learned all about this place from our neighbour Bob who has lived here full-time for two years and knows a great deal about the area. I’ll tell you more about it in my next post.

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