Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mexican Christmas Decorations

As we’ve been exploring Mazatlan over the past few days we’ve seen some very unusual Christmas Decorations. People here seem to be fond of the secular symbols like Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph. In fact we were at Home Depot with Jamie yesterday and they had wooden stakes that you stick into your grass with signs for the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop that were just flying off the shelves. But the most interesting décor we’ve seen are the blow-up figures that people put on their roofs or their upper balconies. There are a lot of them around, but the thing is that most of them are deflated or semi-deflated. I guess these products aren’t designed for tropical temperatures and so they over-inflate and then pop, with the result that Santa or Rudolph or Frosty end up hanging over the roof tops or balconies like the victims of some mass shooting. It’s rather silly really. Here are a few photos to give you the idea.

As we get closer to Christmas things are picking up here in Maztalan. We went to the surfing beach at the north end of town today with Jamie. Playa Bruja it’s called and when Harry and I went up there last week it was pretty much deserted with just a few surfers hanging out. Today, the Sunday before Christmas, it was mobbed with lots of families with little kids playing in the sand and on their boogie boards. Maggie had a great time enticing the beach goers to throw sticks into the water for her. The beachside palapa restaurant was full of people and there was a live band playing songs all afternoon. Very festive!

It’s great having Jamie here but it was sad to send Jan off on the plane to frigid Victoria. Sounds as though there’s more snow in the forecast there. I guess it will be a white Christmas this year. Funny thing, the last time Victoria had a white Christmas was in the Blizzard of ’96 when we took Jamie to Costa Rica for the holiday. Maybe someone should be paying us to stay at home. That is, if they don’t like snow at Christmas. Although I think most people do…and if it’s going to happen, the end of December is certainly the very best time.

Meanwhile, we are doing our best to get into the spirit of Navidad by investigating the Mexican decorations.

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