Monday, December 8, 2008

Changing apartments

This is our second day in Mazatlan and it’s been a bit confusing. We arrived yesterday morning before noon as the drive from Culiacan was quick. The Fiesta Apartments, which we booked off of the internet, turns out to be a very FUNKY place. It seems to be the lifetime work of a fellow who loves cement and clay. There are 14 little apartments set in an overgrown tropical garden, chock full of stuff. Even the artwork on the walls is made of cement and tiles.

The apartment we rented is right in the middle of the overgrown area and felt very gloomy and claustrophobic. The space itself was ok but it was in the middle of a construction zone—as they are building a second storey on the building. Sunday when we arrived it was quiet but Monday morning the workers arrived right outside our bedroom and started sanding the walls and pounding on the ceiling.

To make a long story short, we managed to get moved to another apartment—this one is more like a little casita complete with its own courtyard, arbour with bougainvillea and even a big wrought iron gate that we can close. This works much better for Maggie because the resident dog Popey was extremely territorial and snarly. Now Maggie has her own yard and she feels a lot more relaxed. So today was spent repacking all our stuff and transferring it to our new place. Now we are settled though and things will be just fine.

We are three blocks from the beach, the water is warm, the skies are blue and the temperature is hovering in the high 70s to 80s. Maggie just loves playing at the beach and so do we. Tonight we twined our mini-lights through the arbour to make a darling little dining area. We think that we can be comfortable here for the next few weeks.

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Susan Wise said...

My husband and I are looking at the Fiesta Apartments. It seems from your blog that you didn't like it very much. Would you tell me the name and maybe some contact information for the second place you stayed...the casita?