Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve in Mazatlan

We spoke to my brother in Vancouver this afternoon and he tells me that they have two feet of snow there. His daughter Callie is five years old and at the height of Christmas excitement. She’s waiting for Santa tonight and I’m sure she won’t be disappointed. It’s a very different scene here in the tropics.

Our late afternoon was spent hanging out at the beach watching the sun go down. Maggie found a group of people who were willing to throw the Frisbee for her and had a great time. Harry and I sat in our camp chairs and sipped our Margaritas while the sun set over the ocean. Then we came back to our little casita and cooked up a shrimp spaghetti to eat out on the patio under the bougainvillea arbour.

We found a big piƱata this afternoon outside the Soriana grocery store and we’ll celebrate la Navidad with that. The guy was selling them from the back of his truck, dozens of big ones there with the glue still wet. I’m thinking they were up all night creating them. This is what it looked like.
We’ve decided that we’ll do the honors tomorrow (Christmas day) in sunlight so we’ll have a better chance of finding the candy.
Now that we’ve finished dinner we’ll take a walk in the cool of the evening before we retire for the night. Here’s hoping that Santa makes his usual successful run.

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