Friday, December 12, 2008

The weather outside's delightful

We're sitting outside at Starbucks using their free wifi and listening to Frank Sinatra sing the old Christmas song that starts: the weather outside is frightful. I hear from my Victoria correspondents that snow is expected on Saturday. I hate to say it but that's not the case here. Every morning we wake up to blue skies and sun and we take Maggie for a long walk along the beach. We're settling in to a nice routine of housekeeping Mexican style (a lot of sweeping and wiping things down), walking explorations and siestas. The clouds do come through from time to time in the afternoon but they don't seem to bring rain, they simply cool things off for a pleasant evening. We want it to be nice because my sister Jan is flying in this afternoon for a week. We've got the courtyard all ready, just waiting for the mini-lights she's bringing (as we couldn't find any here). I'll post a photo once we've put them up.

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