Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Further Explorations in the Centro Historico

It seems Mazatlan has clouds from time to time. The weather's quite cool and grey compared to what we’ve experienced up to now. During the day we wear a sweater or long-sleeved shirt and at night we use a blanket. It’s good weather for walking around and that’s what we’ve been doing. Yesterday we went into the Historic Centre again to take a look at the area around the casita on Segunda Penuelas that we’re thinking of renting next year. It’s an interesting area of mostly small houses and narrow streets going up and up a landmark hill called Cerro de Nieve (or Icebox Hill). It a very steep knoll topped by some TV towers. The views are incredible. We walked around the other side then to the top and here's what we saw.

This morning we went again to look at the inside of the little house and we think we can be very comfortable there. So if we decide to spend longer here next winter we will secure that as our accommodation. It’s one of the few dog-friendly places we’ve been able to locate. Parking can be a problem though. The street the little house is on asita is on actually narrows down directly in front of the house and turns into an alley and then a dirt path up the hill. Cars that go up there have to back down to the intersection to get out.

The historic area has such a different feel from the Golden Zone (read tourist) where we’re staying now. Narrow, car and pedestrian clogged streets, colourful houses and walls, little shops of all kinds, and not much English except in the Plazuela Machado. Just behind the casita is a High School of Performing Arts where we can see teenagers learning some amazingly active dance routines to very lively music. There also seems to be a tradition of making political art on vacant walls and some of it is quite amazing. Here are a few that I’ve found.


Jan & Sue in Europe said...

WELL . . . until you can arrange for the 90 degree weather that the local Times-Colonist reports, it'll be a Frosty Tuesday when we come to visit you next year. Feature this: it's a balmy 5 degrees here now, pouring rain but most of the snow is melted (except for the huge piles of black snow here and there), and the winds are blowing up to 60 kph. Enjoy. Love Jan

Joanna and Harry said...

Oh UGH! So sorry to hear about the black snow. We might be able to arrange for the TC via the internet--but can't do a think about the weather. It's sunny again today but only about 70. Don't cry OK.